Intertwingulitis by Curriculum Vitae

"Agile Information" Consultant seeking work !

I found myself suddenly (unceremoniously) terminated from my 25-year role on December 3rd.

In terms of "job statisfaction", my role/work/responsibilities ticked every imaginable box.  Well, until about four years before, when each tick started to dim until they all totally vanished by the fall of 2018.  The last two years of employment were absolute hell.

So, "don't cry for me Argentina?"  Blessings in disguise.  Although I'm not sure the lyrics fit my story, cue in George Michael's "Freedom" to dance in celebration? 

Well, I really don't have much time to dance around.
  • Too young to retire
  • Only so much savings to tide me over
  • Too old to be a gigolo
So I really should be shifting into gear to get myself employed tout d'suite.


Cranking out a résumé should have been an easy short-order affair.

Enter intertwingulitis.  Surprise surprise.

It turns out that I am just as intertwingled as anything else.

So while I can kind of afford it, I am enjoying the experience of immersing myself into the "about me" intertwingularity, along with entertaining my reoccurring question "how would I do this with TiddlyWiki?"

I've started calling TiddlyWiki (aka "TW5"): "TW Hypertext Solutions Platform."  That's really wordy, but better reflects my view of the product.

For your entertainment and/or curiosity consumption, my on-going "curriculum vitae":


Goofiest thoughts from way out of left field

In the midst of catching up on news headlines, I came across a group of them related to the siege of America's Capital Hill, and I had these strangest thoughts:

Does something
born by revolution
have a high risk of
death by revolution?

In a society
born by revolution,
does revolution become
part of the DNA?

Just very strange, yet (to me) wildly interesting, thoughts I figured I'd share just in case you might like to chew on those questions too.

Cheers !