Coronavirus intertwingularity: isolation


We are deeply intertwingled in this fight against it, and protecting each other from it.

We are deeply intertwingled in support of our healthcare providers.

Our fates are deeply intertwingled with the actions (efficient, or delayed, or complete $hit $how$) of our governments and fellow citizens (some taking things seriously, some thinking all of it is overblown.)

The intertwingularity of all things coronavirus.

Easy to get overwhelmed with it all.

So nice to find a little feel good gem about the challenge of isolation...

An Astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation
 by Chris Hadfield

Political weaponization of COVID-19?

Overhearing current White House press conference ...

Donald Trump calls it "the Chinese virus."

Instant intertwingulitis.  So many thoughts in my head all over the place.

Man, I've never seen anybody so quick at taking entire credit (and claiming more "smarts" than anybody else) for anything good, and even quicker to blame everybody but himself for anything bad.

Could the guy make it any harder for anybody to want anything to do with him personally?  Or anything to do with his administration?

I have no idea how calling Covid-19 a "Chinese virus" will help him politically.  All I can think of: how will that, like anything else coming out of his mouth, make all things worse when we need worldwide collaboration to deal with the virus, the economic mess, and the movement of critical goods?

For the longest time, there was comfort in looking towards America to lead, to set an example for all other countries.

I've never found myself thinking about a U.S. president:  "OMG, can he not stop talking and tweeting?  Every time he opens his mouth or tweets, he makes things worse!"

Update:  The president is not tamping down a suggestion that China should be punished for Covid-19 because of a lack of heads-up from China.  More intertwingulitis: didn't the world know about Covid-19 last December?  And wasn't it all that long ago that Donald Trump was saying they had everything under control, and that the virus would magically disappear in the spring?

Intertwingularity Mapping Defined (alpha version 0.1?)

Paraphrasing, or mildly tweaking, some really fantastic sources listed at the end of this post:

Intertwingularity Mapping

Intertwingularity Mapping is the process of recording, componentizing, and organizing information such that nothing exists more than once and any information component can be included in any number of information assemblies for any kind of purpose and for any particular target audience(s).


Intertwingularity, in a general sense, means complexity of interrelations between anything in some domain of interest that can include any one of or any combination of information such as (for example):
  • concepts
  • systems, software, hardware, requirements, change requests
  • people, organizations, institutions
  • projects, roles, responsibilities, tasks 
  • any kind of information/documentation/knowledge/content ad infinitum ...


Componentization is the process of atomizing (splitting, breaking down) information into separate, reusable, and semantically meaningful information components that can be easily recombined into information assemblies.

Information Component

An Information Component is the smallest amount of granular information that does not need to be broken down any further and remains semantically meaningful and/or useful/purposeful by itself.  An Information Component works best when it is as small as possible (but no smaller than needed) so that the entirety of it can be reused by combining it with other Information Components in whatever useful way.

Information Assembly

A simple Information Assembly combines any number of Information Components.  A complex Information Assembly (an "Information Super Assembly"?) combines some Information Assembly with any number of other Information Assemblies and/or any number of Information Components.  Like any Information Component, an Information Assembly should be semantically meaningful and/or useful/purposeful by itself.


What Do We Mean by Componentization?

Componentization is the process of atomizing (breaking down) resources into separate reusable packages that can be easily recombined.

From TiddlyWiki: (my favourite tool for Intertwingularity Mapping !!!)

The Philosophy of Tiddlers

The purpose of recording and organizing information is so that it can be used again. The value of recorded information is directly proportional to the ease with which it can be re-used. 
The philosophy of tiddlers is that we maximize the possibilities for re-use by slicing information up into the smallest semantically meaningful units with rich modelling of relationships between them. Then we use aggregation and composition to weave the fragments together to present narrative stories.
Tiddlers are the fundamental units of information in TiddlyWiki. 
Tiddlers work best when they are as small as possible so that they can be reused by weaving them together in different ways.

From Wikipedia:


Intertwingularity is a term coined by Ted Nelson to express the complexity of interrelations in human knowledge.

What Modular Documentation Is

Modular documentation is documentation based on modules, which the writer combines into assemblies. An assembly can also include other assemblies.

The Kandu Mashbox portable cajon

A little bit off-topic, but not entirely:  I see intertwingularity everywhere ...

Being a very amateur percussionist with a preference for small and interesting instruments, I was some excited to receive this new toy today from kanducajons via

The very moment I started playing with this cajon, instant intertwingulitis: the flood of intertwingled possibilities!  I can combine this with my djembe!  I can combine this with my cajon!  My bongo cajon!  My darbuka!  Shakers! 

If you happen to be an amateur/aspiring percussionist, or if you want a unique gift for the percussionist in your life, check out the instrument in this YouTube video by Darbukaplanet:

Oh so cool!