In Canadian News: Probe launched after 400 complaints over new GG's lack of French

 As reported in the Montreal Gazette, July 19, 2021.

While Mary Simon has vowed to learn more French, the Bloc Québécois says it would be "unthinkable" to name someone who did not speak English.

Really?  In this moment, people are going to make a stink about Mary Simon's appointment as Governor General ?  In this moment?

Do I ever have a bone to pick with the tone-deafness of those who would wine about something so small when we are faced with such a monumental effort to make things right with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

In the wake of recent discoveries of so many unmarked graves of indigenous children who perished in Canada's residential school system?  As we are becoming more aware of that cultural genocide?

We we need to get going with extraordinary steps to bring about some dignity and healing in our relationship Canada's indigenous people, and increase our efforts in regards to Truth and Reconciliation.

As a francophone, I applaud all opportunities which create an incentive for anyone to learn French.  It is in francophones' best interests to have new French speakers, and even more beneficial when the learning unfolds dynamically in a high-profiled position.  That is a gift to French speakers.  It honours us.

I celebrate Mary Simon's appointment as Governor General.  It is a step on the long path towards healing.

Honestly, I would be happy if Mary Simon never uttered a word in either English or French (except maybe in international contexts).  I would like for our new GG to address this country in her indigenous language, and let translators do the job of translating in both English and French.  Can we not accept this as a small gesture of goodwill?

We tried to take away the languages of indigenous peoples.  Maybe we could give up our languages for a while.   Maybe we non-speakers can honour our indigenous peoples and learn a few words.

Would this not be good for the soul of the country?  Is it too much for this country to give?  For all of the taking on the part of our long-ago ancestors, can we not forgo a little bit of our language comforts?

When we need profiles in compassion, we get profiles in "moi moi moi."  C'est pathétique.