Political weaponization of COVID-19?

Overhearing current White House press conference ...

Donald Trump calls it "the Chinese virus."

Instant intertwingulitis.  So many thoughts in my head all over the place.

Man, I've never seen anybody so quick at taking entire credit (and claiming more "smarts" than anybody else) for anything good, and even quicker to blame everybody but himself for anything bad.

Could the guy make it any harder for anybody to want anything to do with him personally?  Or anything to do with his administration?

I have no idea how calling Covid-19 a "Chinese virus" will help him politically.  All I can think of: how will that, like anything else coming out of his mouth, make all things worse when we need worldwide collaboration to deal with the virus, the economic mess, and the movement of critical goods?

For the longest time, there was comfort in looking towards America to lead, to set an example for all other countries.

I've never found myself thinking about a U.S. president:  "OMG, can he not stop talking and tweeting?  Every time he opens his mouth or tweets, he makes things worse!"

Update:  The president is not tamping down a suggestion that China should be punished for Covid-19 because of a lack of heads-up from China.  More intertwingulitis: didn't the world know about Covid-19 last December?  And wasn't it all that long ago that Donald Trump was saying they had everything under control, and that the virus would magically disappear in the spring?

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