A mind map of potential future post ideas

Mind map of topic ideas

(Click on the diagram to view full screen)

I had initially created the mind map to help me understand how I managed to cope with (what feels to me like) not only information overload, but intertwingularity overload.

In addition to also providing me with a handy ready-to-post example of a mind map, this also gives us a road map for potential future posts.  How convenient is that?

FUN !!!


I created the mind map with VYM 2.5.0 on my Linux (Beta) enabled Acer Chromebook 15 (Model Number: CB515-1HT-P7WK)

BTW: I don't get any benefits, of any kind, for those product plugs.  I'm a big fan of VYM and of Chomebooks (in general, and that one in particular), so why not show my appreciation and, maybe, introduce folk to something new?

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CJ said...

I think blogger decreases the resolution of large images to reduce file size. I've added a "High Resolution Images" link in the sidebar on the right. You'll find high resolution versions of images on the related page.