A dip into the waters of formality

Although I've been happily and (I believe) successfully "slicing and dicing" large quantities of intertwingled information for close to 15 years, putting together a description of how to go about it does not from me easily flow.

If we could take a peek at this sponge between my ears, we'd probably find an intertwingled mess with question marks all over the place, each one of those question marks pretty much like a word at the tip of my tongue.

How does one slice'n dice a bunch of question marks?  What is an intertwingulitis sufferer to do ?

Go reading, and load up on vocabulary from various sources.

So I fired up my web browser, read like mad, and captured really good content to help straighten me out vocabulary-wise.

As I soaked in all kinds of good stuff, it dawned on me:  if I want to "formalize" a description of intertwingularity slice'n dice, I should probably formalize a name too.

I like "intertwingularity slice'n dice."   Fun and quirky vernacular floats this kid's boat something silly, so that is not going anywhere.  When I want to get formal, though, I'm thinking I'll be calling this "Intertwingularity Mapping".

Check out some really good reading material I found via this link to a PDF-export of my content clippings taken with CherryTree .

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