Sidetracked by some hobby programming

When everything always seems deeply intertwingled, I think it healthy to throw one-intertwingulitis-suffering-self into a hyper-focused activity without a buffet of interconnections to parse through.

After my last post, I finished coding my version of the vintage Acey Ducey game without that mess of GOTO's (i.e. well-structured programming code.)

Not having quite gotten my fix (reliving BASIC programming fun from my long-ago teenage cutting o' my teeth), I decided to tackle another programming challenge by creating a "GOTO-less" version of the classic "Amazing Program".

After about 20 minutes of burning out a few brain cells while attempting to figure out pure GOTO insanity, I decided that my mental health matters too much to me: I instead decided to study "Prim's Algorithm" (as explained by Jamis Buck), and build a SpiderBasic app from scratch.

Good times !

Aside: major props to the GOTO wizards of old, because they were doing some pretty wickedly wild stuff that really couldn't be done any other way.  Very impressive, but just not the kind of "brain-age" game struggle that floats this kid's canoe.

If you are looking for a little bit of fairly mindless clicking, then from me to you:

Acey Ducey (like the vintage game, not playing the dealer, but rather just betting based on your two cards and the chances of the third card falling between your two cards.)

A Mazing Program (currently very simple, good enough for printing and playing the maze by moving a dot.)

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