The Intertwingularity of the Coronavirus

When I hear about the virus, or see a headline, I can't stop it.  Instant intertwingulitis.

Our planet was so perfectly designed. the land divided into continents with large bodies of water.  Making it difficult for deadly diseases to travel from one continent to another, protecting human populations in all other continents from the misery suffered by the human population of another.

I guess misery really does love company.

Us.  Such an intelligent species, yet at the same time so dumb.  We just can't seem to stop ourselves from creating our own misery.

We nullified a natural barrier between populations, and made it easy for viruses to have a world-wide reach.

With all the technology we have today (digital connectivity, virtual reality, you name it), one would think that it would be so easy to allow human connections and virtual exploration/experiences while taking advantage, again, of the natural barriers between populations .

More money to be made, I suppose, by quickly and freely moving people from continent to continent, and treating the threat of deadly viruses as just a business cost.

I say all of that after seeing on the news that countries are evacuating, bringing home, their citizens who currently find themselves in Wuhan, China.

Aside from praying for the folk who have caught the virus, I pray that all these folk leaving Wuhan, passengers and flight crews, are swiftly quarantined when they get home.  I like to think countries will do so, but we can be a pretty dumb species at times.

Although I understand the compassion and patriotism of bringing home our citizens (one for all, are for one), I can't help but think: wouldn't it have been safer to leave them there?

Then again, maybe the virus really isn't that big a deal, maybe health organizations have command of the situation?  Maybe it is just easy to overblow concern because of how the media presents the information?

Meh.  Not that I worry about any of it because I have no control over it.  As per the awesome expression: not my circus, not my monkey.

How one thought leads to another thought, and another one, to infinity and beyond.  Makes for interesting intertwingularity mapping.

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