Product Review Web Site: a TiddlyWiki Use Case

Within the last several months, I have treated myself with a few really wonderful purchases, most of which belonging to a category I'd call "products for small-scale electric grid independence in an urban setting."  These are all items I really enjoy (or plan to soon enjoy), and I've found myself wanting to write about them.

TiddlyWiki being my preferred choice for writing, I started thinking: "how would I go about creating a product review website, one which showcases not just the products, but also showcases TiddlyWiki and transclusion to organize the content?"

Why do I prefer TiddlyWiki?

I am no fan of "big design up front" (see related article on Wikipedia).  How can I design both a plan of content (what will I write about for each reviewed product?) and, more importantly, a plan of organization/presentation of that content before starting the actual work?  To me, I only discover my plan (content and organization/presentation) as I dive into requirements elicitation via the writing process.

Not knowing everything (or at least all of the critical things) I need at the start of a task becomes an impediment to getting started at all.  So I am easily drawn to a "rapid application development" (see related article on Wikipedia) approach with just about any task.

That's where TiddlyWiki comes in.  TiddlyWiki facilitates rapid:
  • componentization of information into tidy chunks
  • aggregation (via transclusion) of those tidy information chunks
  • adjustments as needs/requirements evolve and/or get discovered

Some will describe TiddlyWiki as software (wiki software, or note-taking software, or a GTD solution, or PIM), but I much prefer describe it as a platform for evolutionary and non-linear creation and organization of content.

Although I am just a humble "white belt" (possibly "yellow belt") user of TiddlyWiki, I am working my way up to another belt with some pretty fancy footwork transclusion-wise.  I intend to present "how to" TiddlyWiki transclusion magic, via a product review TiddlyWiki instance, in future posts

In the meantime and for your immediate consumption, I present to you the very early beginning of CJ's Product Reviews built with TiddlyWiki.

Cheers !

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