A Ted Nelson quote about nonsequential writing

This quote from Ted Nelson kind of explains a little bit why I love Wikis so much:  

"Writing nonsequentially will better disclose the true structure of ideas, permit the reader freer understanding of material, and permit new expository, stylistic and rhetorical inventions."

From a memo Ted Nelson wrote as "Distinguised Fellow, Autodesk Inc.", included Ted Nelson's 2016 presentation "Two Cheers for Now".  You'll find mention of this memo at the 19:22 mark in the following YouTube video:

The Wiki way of writing (by which I mean a non-linear way of writing) allows for churning thoughts into text quickly free from the concerns of structure (i.e. without getting stuck in the mud, or sticks stuck in the wheels of forward progress), while allowing quick and easy addition of any structure(s) when the structural needs reveal themselves.

Just a thought.  Cheers !


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