Intertwingulitis: My blog moniker conundrum

Why "Intertwingularity Slice'n Dice ?"

Before continuing my little series "Wikis: The Solution for The Writer's Problem?", I have to get another couple of posts out there first, this one provide context for the next one ...

First, squirrel! (A little side-blurb about "intertwingulitis")

Just as I was trying to figure out a title for this post, this goofy thought arrived from way out in left field:
Intertwingulitis: a form of paralysis caused by trying to process an overload of intertwingled information or (intertwingled thoughts).  So kind of an intertwingling of paralysis by analysis and sensory overload.  Something like that ...
If one faces some sort of challenge, why not invent a "condition" with a fun name for it ?  And if one has an invented "condition", it might as well be hard to spell.

Now that we've got that out of the way ... 

Agonizing over the creation of a name for this blog, I turned to a Google Search of "Blog Name" for useful resources and, hopefully, some inspiration.

Although it at first felt like I had traded in one kind of agony for another, the information I found made the formulation of a blog name a fun and creative exercise.  I had a bit more of a framework to organize my thoughts.  My intertwingulitis suddenly didn't feel so harsh.  Cool.

Just about everything I read mention the following bit as one of the golden guidelines:  create a blog name that makes the blog easy to find and the URL easy to remember and type.

"Intertwingularity".  Quite the mouthful, not particularly easy to find or remember, and not particularly easy to type.  (Could the word even be played in Scrabble?  That would be so awesome, but I digress.)

Well, I really didn't have any choice there.  I just love the word, and I'm lately finding myself fascinated by Ted Nelson (his work, his life, and listening to his talks online.  Loads to blog about!)

On its own, "Intertwingularity" wouldn't cut it for a blog name (or domain name for the blog and any possible "sister" sites.)  That is just to dry for me, missing a major "je-ne-sais-quoi".  So I thought about how, over many years, I learned to deal with intertwingled information at work.

At work and for close to fifteen years, I've been using a wiki to divide  (and conquer!) information by breaking information into fragments that can be subsequently combined in unlimited ways and provide various information (various contexts, various goals, etc.)

While pondering about that, I immediately thought about food because, with my intertwingled thinking, pretty much everything is about one degree of separation from anything else.  And I started thinking about slicing and dicing food ingredients so they can be combined.  Slice'n dice !
To me, "slice'n dice" means not only to divide into "fragments", but also implicitly means to "combine" after the slicing and dicing; otherwise, if you aren't going to combine after slicing and dicing, what's the point of slicing and dicing ?
And that's my "rest of the story" ...

 (A wee nod of remembrance there of the great Paul Harvey,
for those who might not know him.) 

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