TiddlyWiki: Intertwingularity tamer extraordinaire ?

Yay for vacation!  Yet, no rest from intertwingulitis.

While soaking me bum in the Baie des Chaleurs (see wikipedia), and basking in beautiful summer weather in the company of so much awesome family, and rocking my Scrabble game like a master (an unusual feat for this kid), and surely packing on weight from way too much delicious food (shout out to the Big D drive-in restaurant !) ...

The wheels in this sponge o' mine are always spinning on some deeply intertwingled area of information.

And so I thought heavily about a French-Acadian dictionary I've been passionately working on over the last several years, and about my frustration putting it together with a tool that, although easy to use, just can't handle well the intertwingled information (and information structures) related to, what I consider to be, an awesome dictionary.

So why fight it?  I surrendered to my mind, and spent loads of relaxing time giving TiddlyWiki a right serious go.  So far, I love the thing!

Without going into great detail about TiddlyWiki for now (something for a future post), here's a quick list of things I really appreciate:

  • light and agile feel
  • ridiculously flexible
  • easy to use for newbies
  • feature-filled for advanced users
    • transclusion !!!
      • (An absolute requirement when dealing with intertwingularity)
If you want to see how I handle intertwingularity, please check out (a long-term work in progress) my online French-Acadian dictionary built with TiddlyWiki and hosted on Neocities:

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