About Transclusion (part 1)


To me, the ultimate software feature, the single best medicine, for intertwingulitis sufferers.

High time for me to slice'n dice the daylights out of the topic.

Better in very small drips, for fear of getting overwhelmed by the tsunami of intertwingled thoughts related to everything transclusion.

So to keep it simple, lets start with a very basic definition, to be followed slowly and surely by other blogular nibblets, tying all things "transclusion" together, as I muddle along, in my Intertwingularity Slice'n Dice Wiki.

Let's start things off with a fairly simple definition of transclusion:

Paraphrasing Wikipedia's Transclusion article:

  • In the digital world, transclusion is the inclusion of an electronic document into one or more other documents.
  • Transclusion is performed, automatically and transparently, upon display of the referencing document.
  • The result of transclusion is a single integrated document made of parts assembled dynamically from separate sources.
  • Transclusion facilitates modular design: a resource is stored once and distributed for reuse in multiple documents.
  • Updates or corrections to a resource are then reflected in any referencing documents.

BTW:  the word "transclusion" is yet another great word coined by Ted Nelson.

Let's stop there for now, before I start going down a whole mess of intertwingled rabbit holes.

Planned for the next nibblet, a nice and tidy example of transclusion in action.

Pretty sure it will involve BBQ sauce and fried onions.

Stay tuned !

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