About Transclusion (part 2)

What better way to show transclusion in action but with a simple recipe with:

  • Deeply intertwingled flavour !
    • i.e has my five food groups: sweet, salty, spicy, fatty-ish, tart
  • An intertwingularity of recipe tweaking possibilities !

I've added a "Mum's BBQ Sauce" "page"  (well, "tiddler" in TiddlyWiki speak) to my Intertwingularity Slice'n Dice Wiki:

In that tiddler, you'll find two references to a "Frying Onions to Translucence" tiddler: one reference is a hyperlink reference to the tiddler, and the other reference is a transclusion of the tiddler.

Aside, in TiddlyWiki...
  • a tiddler hyperlink reference is created by placing the tiddler's name within double-brackets, like this: [[Frying Onions to Translucence]]
  • a tiddler transclusion reference is created by placing the tiddler's name within double-curly-brackets, like this:  {{Frying Onions to Translucence}}

While surfing the web, there are times when I appreciate jumping from one page to another, particularly when I want to consume completely unrelated/distinct content (or, content I want to singularly focus on without distraction).

Often, though, I like to see extra content shown "right there", embedded within the context of a greater whole.  When that greater whole, the context, disappears upon click of a hyperlink, that more often than not drives me into intertwingulitis by browser back and forward buttons.  Arg!

I have some serious transclusion appreciation because it facilitates:
  • the creation of content once ("Frying Onions to Translucence")
    • a single-source of content to maintain, enhance, and always be "current"
  • the easy/quick inclusion of content anywhere needed as a component of any other content (any bigger recipe, like Mum's BBQ Sauce, or a burger recipe, a casserole recipe, etc. etc. etc.)
In some future part 3, I'll show another (possibly more practical?) use case.

Cheers !

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