From gas generator to JOI lamp: an intertwingled journey


How looking into these:
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Turned into buying one of these:
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For years, I had been searching for backup heating solutions in the event of a winter-time power outage.  Getting a gas generator did not float my boat at all: I have never been crazy about storing gas and oil, and getting into whatever maintenance involved in owning a gas generator.

When a local store recently had a pretty good sale on a very small gas generator, and not having any luck finding a decent alternative for emergency heat, I started looking more at gas generators and tiny portable electric heaters, just enough to keep the house from freezing.

Searching the web and reading whatever content I could find, I was getting a little bit flustered at the amount of time looking for helpful information and not really finding any.

Then, for whatever reason and straight out of left field, I started thinking about solar heating, which then got me thinking about solar mass and how in winter time, the interior of a car can be quite comfortable just from the warmth of sunlight.

So I started searching the web for content related to solar mass, and I somehow found this video about a thermoelectric generator:

I had never heard of thermoelectricity before, and I suddenly found myself wondering about the possibility of somehow charging devices via heat generated by my kitchen oven and even heat from baseboard heaters in winter time.

Gas generators no longer being on my mind, off I went searching for thermoelectric generator (TEG), looking for anything about TEG devices and/or TEG applications. 

I wasn't having much luck until I found a video review of the Caframo JOI lamp, which uses a tea light to power 8 LED lights via the magic of TEG's.

Very rarely do I ever buy anything without spending a few days doing some research about a product and any alternative options.  In this case, after quickly checking out a couple more reviews right away, I put in an online order for a JOI lamp and extra tea lights ( within an hour after seeing the first video.

I love the thing!  The product is unique and beautiful, and it provides really pretty and practical lighting in the event of a power outage (I always have a bunch of tea lights for emergencies) and as an alternative to regular lighting at any time.

Although the joi lamp may seem a little pricey, the thing is solidly built and quite attractive, the materials seem of very good quality,  and there are eight TEG's in there.  TEG's are not all that cheap. 

The lamp is awesome to own, and me thinks would make for an excellent gift.

NOTE: a similar product, the "HLC candle-powered LED light" does not seem to be as good a product as the JOI lamp.

Good folk out there have already published some very good YouTube videos of the JOI lamp.  Here are a few for your convenience:

This video very nicely shows the operation of the JOI lamp:

Note how the door of the lamp must be left open, after lighting the tea light, for 45 seconds before closing the door, and it takes about 2.5 minutes for the LED's to turn on at maximum brightness.

I really love this lamp.  I just find it is the coolest thing and looks awesome.  If you get one too, I hope you and yours enjoy it as much as I do.

Cheers !

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