My American Sign Language project got a little bit more intertwingled

A quick follow-up to my 2020-04-24 post, American Sign Language and my intertwingled project.

I've made some pretty good progress on my little software project to create a web-based application to help learn American Sign Language.  I'm spending much more time programming than actually learning ASL, but this is turning into a really fun way to learn the alphabet and digits.

If you are interested in learning to spell in American Sign Language and/or interested in programming (with SpiderBasic specifically or in general), check out the current incarnation of my application here.

(Click here to view larger image.)

Technical side-note on intertwingled scope creep ...

I am a career-long SQLWindows (today: OpenText Gupta Team Developer) programmer, just a little over 25 years now.

Although a superb product, SQLWindows is much too expensive for hobby-programming. Besides, I have no interest in using any kind of computer other than a Linux-enabled Chromebook at home.

In my quest to find the right hobby-programming tools for home, I found myself extremely frustrated by available options until I discovered SpiderBasic.

Despite my fascination with the little gem that is SpiderBasic, I found myself continuously frustrated by the lack of structure that suits me so well with SQLWindows.

So my already intertwingled ASL project got a little bit of creep in scope: I am now also simultaneously working on "", a framework that facilitates rapid development of database applications with SpiderBasic.

Intertwingled fun !

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