Intertwingularity Mapping with TiddlyWiki: TiddlyWiki Configuration (part1)

For my take on "Intertwingularity Mapping", please view the post Intertwingularity Mapping Defined (alpha version 0.1?)

An Intertwingularity Mapping project may very well "unofficially" begin with discussion and recording of information in whatever medium, for example:

  • sticky notes or any kind of pen-to-paper scenario
  • electronic files (documents, emails, etc.)
  • chalk/white boards

Sooner more likely than later, though, Intertwingularity Mapping necessitates some kind of formal medium with which to record, organize, and share information.  That likely requires software along with some hardware infrastructure / architecture (at its simplest: one or more files in some folder hierarchy somewhere; at its most complicated: some sort of solution requiring web servers and/or database servers.)

  • To me, no solution can handle Intertwingularity Mapping better than a wiki.  I'll do some ranting and raving about that in some future post(s).
  • For my purposes (various personal Intertwingularity Mapping projects), TiddlyWiki easily takes first place for Intertwingularity Mapping.  Sometimes, though, I need to quickly sort out deeply intertwingled information with help from Vym (a light mind mapping tool) or from Treesheets (a wickedly cool and agile hierarchical spreadsheet for free form data organization.)

Regardless of the solution used for an Intertwingularity Mapping project, a few things need some attention before recording and structuring information:
  • technical configuration of the solution
  • "look and feel" design/configuration
    • From Wikipediacomprises aspects of its design, including elements such as colors, shapes, layout, and typefaces (the "look"), as well as the behavior of dynamic elements such as buttons, boxes, and menus (the "feel").

I've recently started pondering about setting up a sample project to demonstrate Intertwingularity Mapping, and this has become a bit of a challenge: what kind of project can I imagine that will keep me motivated with a practical end-product goal?

Since I am a huge fan of TiddlyWiki, and am often creating new Intertwingularity Projects with TiddlyWiki, and have been wanting to somehow contribute to the TiddlyWiki community (without coding, for lack of Javascript programming skills), it dawned on me:  map information related to my standard approach to configuring every TiddlyWiki instance I create !

And so I've created this brand new Intertwingularity Mapping project:

This project will attempt to:
  • showcase how I like TiddlyWiki configured
    • technical configuration
    • look and feel configuration
  • describe each configured item
    • why I've configured as I've done
    • how to achieve the configuration 
  • showcase/describe Intertwingularity Mapping on this project

I've seeded my intertwingled project with the first two configuration items:
  • Install Relink Plugin
  • Configure Default Tiddlers

Me thinks I'll be having a good time with this, and I hope you find the information useful.  Stay tuned !

Cheers and best regards !

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